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The Best Vancouver Wedding Venues

Vancouver and indeed the greater B.C. has a great choice of wedding venues that can provide a perfect backdrop to your dreamy weddings. These range from the cool mountain backdrops to the greenery, beaches and oceans where you can tie the knot with great serenity all around. What better way to capture all these beautiful moments in your life than by hiring a professional Vancouver wedding videographer capable of bringing the finest details of your big day so as to make it truly memorable?


Because Vancouver wedding photographers and videographers shoot weddings in very diverse locations around Vancouver, they are the best people to confer with when looking for the best backdrops for your weddings. So next time you are making plans for your big day and are grappling with the choice of the perfect settings for your weddings, talk to your Vancouver wedding videographers and photographers in order to off you some good options that you can run away with.

If you are torn with the choice of the right kind of venues to go with, here are some interesting options that you can consider:

The Sparkling Hill Resort

Situated in Kelowna, this wedding venue in Vancouver sits in a location overlooking the Okanagan Lake. This is a winning venue with great panoramic views of both the lake and the Monashee Mountains peaks that are in the background. The setting is quite breathtaking.

The Green Water Resort

Situated in Pemberton, the resort offers a great setting where you can tie the knot in intimate surroundings. It is set against the Lillooet River and has plenty of features to make for a fine wedding including a gazebo, a waterfall, a spring-fed pond, along with a nice riverside beach that is lined with torches. The lawn at this venue is sprawling and there is the Mount Currie providing a nice backdrop.

The Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Here you can have great options of settings that are overlooking the ocean including a patio, a wine cellar and a ballroom. It also has very gorgeous natural surroundings that you will certainly fall in love with.

The Brock House

It is situated in the city but provides a quiet oasis where you can have some intimate moments with your loved ones. It has spacious reception areas and great green surroundings along with the beach.

The Vancouver Club

This is a downtown space in Vancouver that offers pure elegance for your weddings. The interiors are pristine white with a classic entry staircase. It is the epitome of urban heritage.

Capture the moments in your Vancouver wedding with great wedding photographers

Of course the perfect setting is not complete without the perfect photography and cinematography to capture all the fine details on your wedding day. With Life Studios Inc., you can bring out the best on your wedding day. The wedding studio has a team of experts who are diversely talented to ensure that your Vancouver wedding lives to its expectation. They bring on board a collection of artists who add the flair necessary to capture your event in a manner that is not just contemporary but also elegant.

Among the packages offered at Life Studios Inc are same day edits. This is a 3-5 minute edited version of the main video done on the same day for viewing at your reception for a price not less than $4,500. The other package is a complete wedding film package that captures your taste and description for a price starting from $3,900.

For wedding photographies, the company’s rates start from $3,900. This is done with unique focus on couples budget, needs and befitting style. For couples interested in capturing other moments, the state-of-the-art wedding studio has other packages that cover pre-wedding events, albums for parents, and engagement sessions among other events as requested by the couple.

Navigate through the company’s website at to have a taste their work. You can also contact us through email at If you prefer to pay a physical visit, you can find the company at 1060 Quebec Street, Vancouver, BC V6A-4K7 or call 604-568-5538.

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