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All That You Need To Know About Snorkeling Gear

One of the favorite things to do among adventure junkies is snorkeling. Snorkeling refers to swimming using equipment specially made to help you stay just beneath the surface of water. Traditionally snorkelling equipment Melbourne shops offer include a mask, fins and your breathing tube. These items help you to stay underwater and explore the amazing marine and coral life.

Snorkeling is being offered not only as an adventure sport but also as tourist activity where you can enjoy watching marine life in their natural habitat. You can watch them in reefs, shells and even witness schools of different fish swimming around. The fact is snorkelling equipmentMelbourne diving companies offer allow you to spend considerable amount of time exploring the watery landscape without any kind of hassle.

However it is very important that when you buy snorkelling equipmentMelbourne diving companies offer, you know what to look for. After all the equipment will be used to prevent you getting suffocated underwater. So before you go looking for snorkelling equipment in Melbourne, keep the following considerations in your mind.

The mask

The mask is the most important part of our snorkeling equipment. Melbourne snorkelling equipment sellers can offer you different kinds of mask. Your mask is the most vital part of our snorkeling experience as it will allow you to see clearly what lives underwater. Therefore it is imperative that you are comfortable in them.  Make sure that your nose is easily in the eye pocket as this will allow you to change the position of the mask to account for pressure

When going through different masks remember to check for the following features

1)      They come with tempered glass lenses

2)      The mask should have silicone skirts to help in stopping water from coming in.

3)      Should have head straps that are comfortable on your head and don’t irritate.

There are myriad of designs available and it’s all up to your preference as to what you want. You can choose from single to double lenses masks to those having clear or colored skirts.

The Snorkel

No snorkeling is complete without having snorkel. It allows you to easily breathe when you go below the surface of water. You should know that a snorkel should easily fit in your mouth so that its tip is around the crown of the diver’s head. Almost all snorkels will do this automatically when you try them the first time. However some will require few adjustments.  You will come across different snorkels when you go off to buy Snorkelling Equipment Melbourne diving companies have to offer.  These will include

1)      The conventional J –Shaped Snorkel

2)      The purge snorkel that will have a small purge in its bottom half that will allow you to clear the water from it.

3)      The dry top snorkels are similar to the ones that have a purge in their bottom but will have a small lid or top that will close whenever you take a dip.

The fins

Known fondly also as the floppy shoes among divers, the fins are flippers are used to swim in the water. By using your muscles in your leg, you will be able to easily navigate around. What you need to know is that there are basically two kinds of fins. The full foot fins that you can wear on your bare feet. And then there are open heel fins that are often used by those interested in scuba divers as they offer more power for propelling.

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