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Liveaboard diving in the Similan islands

Similan islands liveaboard diving offers a great opportunity to every diver in the world. The Similan islands are found in Thailand and are a must visit place as they offer the most spectacular diving spot on this beautiful planet. However, they are only diveable from October to May of every year. It being one of the beautiful National Marine Parks in Thailand, the island offers many shallow and deep water diving sites, making it a diver’s home.

similan islands liveaboard diving
similan islands liveaboard diving

While thinking of visiting the Similan islands, you can fulfil your desire of diving and would even want more! It is for this reason that there is a dive deals team to make you enjoy the whole experience again and again.

Why choose them?

1.      They offer a price guarantee. They offer the best diving holiday guarantee, customers can avail the lower rates as compared to booking direct or with other team. They have an advantage over the many bookings they receive and beat any listed prices. You can trust them.

2.      They offer extensive choice. They give you the best choices of dive boats, ranging from luxury, standard to even budget. The boats are usually professional and come with all the safety features so that one can enjoy the whole experience.

3.      They have good payment ways. They charge good prices and use very fast, secure and convenient modes of payment which one can use for paying fee. There is no such taking of the card details, and processing is instant. There are absolutely no charges on PayPal fee.

4.      They have experienced divers. While offering comfort, they offer qualified divers with intensive and extensive experience. They have been into diving in many locations in the world. Thus, they understand he expectations of customers from diving and diving holidays.

The Similan islands liveaboard diving experience

The spectacular views

The  liveaboard diving holiday experience on the Similan islands won’t be over before enjoying the sight of breathtaking marine parks North of Similan islands. The diving sites offer larger pelagics and deep water drop-offs, giving the diver an opportunity to see the Whaleshark and Manta Ray sightings. These bigger and spectacular docile creatures prefer the deeper water even more than what can be offered.

The number of diving sites

It is absolutely not possible to have fun on a single day only! Even that said, Similan islands have diverse diving sites to behold. A single trip will leave divers craving for even more. Worry not, because what they offer in this part of Thailand, you will need to spend longer time, usually 4 nights or more.  The enjoyable trips further on the north, offer the spectacular views of Whaleshark and Manta Ray sightings. Expect more from the holiday experience!

Other entertainment spots

Marine life exists in this part of Thailand. Divers can not only see what the Similan islands can offer, but also even more! While figuring how thisSimilan islands liveaboard diving is, be sure to reach out to the one dive deals agents and enjoy the best diving experience on the planet.

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Hiring Marquee Company for a Corporate Event

When planning a corporate event, there are several things to take into account. However, there is nothing more important than the venue. Your choice of venue will affect all other aspects of party planning; hence, it is recommended that you start with this area first. A marquee is one of the best ways to host a party, especially if you are considering an outdoor venue. There is a reason why it is highly popular because it is intimate and romantic at the same time (which also explains why they’re a hit with weddings!). Make sure you work closely with a marquee hire in Sydney to ensure that the party is a success.

A professional marquee hire in Sydney can manage all aspects of your party planning, with your guidance. Naturally, it is your vision and plan that will be pursued. However, the company and party hire service provider can facilitate the setting up of the venue. You can even conveniently hold the event at the backyard or lawn of your office, if you want to cut cost and not have to rent a venue. Make sure that you have enough space available to set up the marquee at an outdoor setting. It is also important to know beforehand the specific number of attendees or guests so you can consider that when planning.

If you need to showcase exhibition displays and other heavy objects on the venue, you can conveniently do so with a marquee party. Some venues or business complexes have restrictions when it comes to this matter. However, when you set up a marquee at a neutral and outdoor location, it becomes very convenient to set up the display off-site and then transport it to the venue during the day of the event. Some marquee hire companies can also provide the vehicle to transport them to the venue, if you do not have any available.

Once the general aspects of planning your corporate event is ironed out, you can move on to planning the smaller details of the party. This will include the interior design, seating arrangement, lighting and sounds. Fortunately, a party hire equipment company can provide these basic party items for you. Hence, all you have to worry about is putting these details together to aesthetically improve the décor inside your marquee. The arrangement of the venue should be coordinated with the program committee to ensure that there is adequate space.

Hiring a marquee company for your corporate event will greatly reduce the amount of stress involved with the planning. Need a professional marquee hire in Sydney to help organize your next corporate event? Visit Absolute Party Hire at This marquee, event and party hire equipment company is based in Sydney wherein they have helped organize weddings, baptismal, birthday parties and corporate events. No matter how big or small your party is, they will make sure you have a stress-free planning procedure with every minute detail taken care of. Visit their official website to learn more about their services and where to reach them.

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Volunteer Teaching: Get Involved Today

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not putting enough and contributing enough to make the world a better place? Is there a void inside you that makes you feel empty? If these are questions you constantly ask yourself then maybe it’s time to act on it by volunteering. Yes, volunteering and teaching overseas are the best ways to lend a hand and also complete that missing part inside you.

teaching overseas
teaching overseas

Child Care Orphanages are the most in need of attention today. With the staggering number of children that are out of school globally, the world needs extra educators and teachers more than anything else. In Cambodia alone, the number of children who are in their primary education and are already out of school have increased. When you volunteer Orphanages benefit the most.

There is no better time to start than today. Below are some important key points on how you can go about teaching overseas:

1. First, one must identify the location. There are many teaching opportunities around the globe – Asia, Europe, South America, to mention a few. With the location known, the cost and fees can be easily identified as well. The fees are divided into two parts – the placement fee and the application fee, where both are inclusive of different aspects of the trip.

The airport transfer, orientation, supervision, meals and accommodation are under the placement fee while the administration marketing services, and assurance of the volunteers’ safety are covered by the application fee. Sometimes, a down payment is also required and the amount ranges from between $200-$300.

2. What is your planned itinerary? For those teaching overseas there is no specific duration on how long it will take because it can be customized according to the volunteers’ preference. It can be a long-term service that can last for months but it can also be as short as a fortnight. For someone who wishes to travel to different countries then this can this can be done as well. Getting to multiple destinations is possible but remember that with every country the fees also change.

3. Together with preparing the necessary documents such as passports, insurance and visas, one must not forget to prepare oneself personally. Are you ready to travel a thousand miles to a country you are not familiar with? Are you more than ready to take this big step? To avoid being culture shocked, it’s best to come prepared. Conduct a research on your own on the country you will be traveling to and get to know the way of living, the culture, etc.

4. Finally and more importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy every moment of your trip, treasure each moment with the children and bring home everything you have learned. Your act of service and kindness is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces and that includes yours. It’s a give and take process where you help others and in return they also help you in ways you never thought of. You are guaranteed to become a different person after the experience. Visit