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Get What You Deserve from Cell Tower Leases

You might have probably been contacted by a telecommunication company willing to buy or rent your cell tower. Having an expert advice on whether to sell or lease your cell site is important. There are companies that offer guidance on such agreements. Getting value for your property should come in handy when looking for guidance. The company giving you guidance should not have any contracts with the lease buyers at all. Understanding that your property is valued as a telecommunication asset and not as a real estate asset is of essence. Cell tower lease will involve you renting out your cell tower to a telecommunication company who will give you a monthly income.

Cell Tower Lease

Are cell tower buyouts the best idea?

Cell tower lease buyouts can happen when you sell your cell tower lease to a company. You will therefore be selling your rights to earn an income for a given period of time. Sometimes it is better not to sell it. Expert advice is very important when making such arrangements.

Should I sell my cell tower lease? You might be asking yourself this question if you are a property owner. For instance, you might need a large amount of money to pay a debt or to make a big investment. The company could be offering you a large amount of money to buy your lease right for a given amount of time or even to perpetuity. You have to evaluate your choices and make the right decision. This you can do by;

Seeking expert advice. This should be your first step. There are companies that can assist you in evaluating your property. You do not have to be underpaid by companies who will make a lot of revenue by renting your property to telecommunication companies.

You must also understand that you cannot compare what your neighbour was paid for their cell site, and ask for the same amount. Using the market rates can cost you a lot of money. As a property owner, you should know that land rates differ. Do not sacrifice getting a lot of money by using market rates instead of going for an agreement.

Further, you must know that selling your cell tower lease rights might not be the best idea unless you are in desperate need of cash. Some buyer companies will convince you by all means, to sell your lease rights. They will even offer you the current rates if you need them. However, if you need to sell it, evaluate your buyer.

Be smart in dealing with your cell tower

As an alternative to selling your cell tower lease rights, you can always increase cell tower rent rates with the help of consultants. They will value your land and sustainability and help you in getting the money you deserve. You should select a consultant that has experience in the market who will ensure that you get value for your property.

Cell towers are a good source of income, and they should remain as such. You should get a rent that you deserve. If you want to sell your lease rights evaluate the market rates but do not use it entirely as a basis for selling your tower lease rights. For more information, just visit us at

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