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HP Printer repairs, not a problem.

A computer printer is a key feature in any office or organization. Hewlett Packard or HP printers are one of the prominent companies in today’s market. Machines of this quality don’t often go wrong, but if there are problems, then it it is important to find a reliable hp service centre.

hp service
                                      hp service

Things that can go wrong.

A lot of problems will be down to human error. This is when an hp service centre will be needed, to fix any problems.

Therefore to avoid problems:

  • Unless you have training, do not dismantle the printer, to say, remove a paper jam. This will cause even more problems, with rollers being displaced and mechanisms being broken, causing possibly, an expensive repair bill.
  • Make sure paper is stored properly and does not collect dust. Avoid cheap paper and make sure the correct paper is loaded each time. Mixtures of different kinds of paper being fed through a printer may cause jamming problems.
  • Where the printer is located is also critical. It should not be placed in direct sunlight. It should not be placed on the floor, either. Allow 12 cm around the printer for proper ventilation. This will allow air to pass through exhaust and cooling fans.
  • If there is a paper jam, say a small piece of paper, lodged in a cog, there is a temptation to get a sharp pointed tool to try and dislodge the paper. Simply do not do this. This could well damage the printer.
  • Transparency and OHP papers designed specifically for an Ink Jet printer, should not be used in other types of printer, such as a laser jet. These could easily melt and cause a major problem.
  • Flat pass printers and ink jet printers should only be used to print these labels. Laser jets can rip up these labels during printing and cause a major jam.
  • Use paper guides properly to avoid paper jams.
  • It is best to use an ink jet printer at least once every 2 week to avoid the ink blocking the nozzle.
  • With ink jets, use the hp recommended ink for that particular machine. A service hp printer company can advise on which precise set of ink cartridge refills should be used. Buying cheap substitutes and refills will cause major problems.
  • If the paper jams, do not panic. It is best to try and pull out any paper the same way it went in. If it is possible to remove odd bits of paper, see if the original sheet can be reassembled on a flat surface, to make sure that all the paper has been removed. If there are further problems then it may be necessary to contact an hp service center.
  • Make sure firmware and software is updated regularly. Again if there are problems with printer drivers, it may be necessary to contact a hp printer service.

If there still is a problem, then contact a printer repairs company. If a request is made early enough, then a team of professionals can reach you in the same day. Parts and spares will be available for all makes of machines. If the printer can not be repaired, then a replacement machine can be arranged while the original machine is being repaired.

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