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Pressure valve – a crucial safety gadget

Most of the pressure cookers that you use will have a safety valve. This valve automatically opens when the inbuilt pressure inside the cooker reaches the optimum level. As the very name suggests, pressure relief valves are intended to protect you and your surroundings against any dangers that could be caused by the excess pressure built inside the gadget or vessel.

Last line of defense:

Interestingly, the role of pressure relief valves is limited, but it is very vital. In fact, experts point out that safety valve is the last line of defense against excess pressure. Therefore, you must ensure other mechanisms for release of excess pressure should be in perfect operational condition.

 Releases from secondary line:

As far as the function of relief valve is concerned, it releases the excess fluid or steam to flow out from the secondary outlet that is exclusively provided. In fact, this valve is also called as ‘path of least resistance’. This is because the pressure valve opens itself after the pressure inside the chamber reaches a predetermined level or point, and easily lets out the fluid or steam.  The process of letting out depends on the matter that is let out. For example, gas is let out into the air. There are instances that certain types of fluids are let out through a pipe, and the fluid is appropriately disposed off by a separate process.

The other salient features of pressure relief valves and their utilities and related issues could be summarized as follows:

·        As you know, pressure valves are available in several designs, and they are product specific. Therefore, the choice of pressure valve should be carefully evaluated by the appropriate technical team. In any case, the pressure valve must be of superior quality and must perfectly match the specifications. It is always advisable that as far as possible the valve should be bought from the same agency that supplied the pressure unit. Check Ross Brown Sales Pty Ltd for more details.

·        Pressure valves are available in different designs like spring loaded pressure valve, pilot operated pressure valve and adjustable pressure relief valve. The pilot operated pressure valves are available in two designs. The first design of this type of valve opens and closes abruptly depending on the changes in the pressure unit. The other type of valve opens proportional to the level of pressure in the pressure chamber.

·         As far as the process of disposal of pressure is concerned, various methods are adopted. For example, for release of excess pressure of certain types of non toxic liquid and gas, open bonnet system pressure release mechanism is used. In the case of toxic liquid and gas, closed bonnet system is used wherein the gas or liquid is treated appropriately before releasing into the air.

All these highlight the importance of pressure valve in any manufacturing or processing unit. Experts point out pressure valve must be kept in perfect working condition. Some of the pressure valves require periodical maintenance like cleaning and oiling. Such maintenance works must be scrupulously undertaken. These are indispensable gadgets from the point of view of safety of equipment, human life and surrounding places. Hence, absolute care should be taken in keeping them in perfect working condition.

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