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Skoda Cars in Australia – A Whole Range of Cars and SUVs

Skoda vehicles have already made their presence felt in Australia by selling several of their premier cars and SUVs and the car lovers in Australia have never had it better. The popular models Fabia, Octavia and Yeti, along with Superb and Rapid are being sold and purchased all over the country and Volkswagen technology in these automobiles is much appreciated. If you plan buying a new Skoda car, read on for more details.

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Skoda Cars Known for their Sturdy Build

Skoda is already a known car maker and one of the major features in their cars is the solidity with which the automobiles are built and how smoothly they ride on the roads with a firm grip, but easy on the steering. Newer technologies have also ensured that they yield better mileage and fuel economy, whether you buy a petrol driven or diesel driven vehicle. If you visited a Skoda dealer in Brisbane or any major Australian city for that matter, you can see the entire range of versions displayed, of each model. If you looked at Skoda Fabia, there will be the ‘Ambition’, ‘Monte Carlo’, ‘Wagon’, ‘RS Wagon’ and the ‘RS’ models, in all their different colours and versions. It will be the same for the other models like Skoda Octiva. You can request for a test drive which the dealer will organise and you can then decide whichnew Skoda car you are going to drive away. Within the new car range, you will also be able to spot some demo vehicles, which would have run for only a few kilometres. You will be able to make a hefty saving on the selling price without losing any of the warranty terms.

SUVs’ Growing Popularity Touches Skoda Also

The past few years have seen the automobile industry witnessing a huge increase in the demand for SUVs, across manufacturers. Skoda is no exception to this trend. Skoda Yeti, Skoda’s SUV comes in two models, Yeti and Yeti Outdoor. If your next car is going to be a new Skoda SUV, then do test drive a Yeti and feel it while manoeuvring the roads and check on other factors, like the fuel economy and CO2 emission levels and so on.

Price, Financing and Warranty

Once you have selected the Skoda model that you wish to buy, sit with the dealer and understand the price. The drive away price is what you pay for the cars and you have a host of options to pay for the purchase of the vehicle. A majority of automobiles get sold under the loan scheme these days. The Skoda dealer will have an expert team to guide you on the best options available to finance the car. There will be the individual loan or lease or business loan or lease and so on. There is also the option of a chattel mortgage if the car is to be used for commercial purposes, which gives some tax benefits to the buyer.

One must also understand the warranty terms offered by the dealer for the Skoda cars. The dealer must have the complete infrastructure to handle the servicing needs and for replacing spare parts when necessitated.

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